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We strive to provide comprehensive services for easy living in Turkey

Safe investment

Providing highly specialized advice by a team of economics experts & market analysts for safe investment in projects

open an account

Opening an international account for Iranians in Turkish banks without the need to stay and receive Visa and MasterCard

Obtaining citizenship

consulting services & performing 0% matters related to obtaining Turkish citizenship without risk & in the shortest time

Pursue legal affairs

Legal advice services, accurate follow-up of legal cases by experienced and skilled lawyers in the shortest possible time

Company registration

Registration of companies, institutions and brands in Turkey by specialized experts in a short period of time

Buying property

Offering the best residential projects with a risk of 0% investment and guaranteed purchase at the lowest price

Lifetime services

necessary services such as treatment and education of family members, business consulting and follow-up of family legal affairs

General consultation

General pre-immigration counseling services and guidance on how to follow up on possible travel problems

Why is Turkey ideal for life?

Five main reasons for migrating and living in Turkey

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Buy a property without risk
You need an expert companion

Minaglobal International Holding, as the oldest company active in the field of real estate sales in Turkey, has access to the largest and most complete database of residential projects, and by employing specialized experts with a brilliant history, has been able to provide real estate services with Offer the least risk to dear compatriots. The experts of Minaglobal sales department are ready to provide expert advice and answer your questions 24 hours a day.

Residential projects

Access to the most complete database of residential projects in Turkey

Minaglobal Professional Team

Minaglobal, consisting of several specialized and professional departments
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